One of the hardest things to do each January is take down all the festive Christmas decorations.

It leaves the house feeling empty and bare, and the weather doesn’t help much since it’s often cold and grey outside. Here is a quick, easy idea for decorations you and your kids can make together to hang around the house while the snow is blowing. Since they’re not holiday specific, you can leave them up until March when Spring finally shows up!

You need:
- Air Dry Clay {we used Sculpey Model Air}
- Clay Roller or Rolling Pin
- Glue
- Glitter, Sequins, Beads, or any other embellishments you like
- Twine/Ribbon
- Scissors

Step 1: Break off three equal sized pieces of clay and roll them into long thin “hot dog” shapes.

Step 2: Use your clay roller or rolling pin to gently roll from the top of each “hot dog” to the bottom, flattening it out and making it a little longer. Just a note: Clay, although non toxic, is not food safe, so it’s important to keep your clay tools separate from your actual kitchen tools. If you want to use a rolling pin, make sure it’s not the same one you use for food. A great idea is to purchase an inexpensive one at your local thrift store or a yard sale and keep it in your craft area just for projects like this!

Step 3: Layer your three clay pieces on top of each other. First, form an “x” with two of the pieces, then place the third one across the center to create the shape of a snowflake. Press gently in the center so they stick together.

Step 4: Spread glue on the top of the snowflake and add your embellishments. We used glitter first, then placed a sequin on each point.

Step 5: Allow your snowflakes to air dry for at least 24 hours so they’re completely hardened.

Step 6: Cut a piece of ribbon or twine and form it into a loop. Glue it to the back of your snowflake. Once the glue dries, your snowflakes are ready to hang in your house.

These are such fun to make, and just like real snowflakes, each one will be totally unique! Kids will love working with the clay and decorating their snowflakes however they like. You can hang them in the windows, from the ceiling, or just about anywhere you can imagine. Just think how pretty it would be to have a whole flurry of them hanging in a hallway! Hope you enjoy this simple activity and that it gives you a great snow day activity to do with your little crafters!