It happened today. All three of my children entered elementary school.

I did not think I would ever leave the school as I walked them all to class and then stalked them from outside for a while. I spent the most time with my new Kindergartner. She seems so small yet so big. Having already made friends at Meet the Teacher Night, she was more comfortable in her element than I was seeing her there. As I headed home to make some Tampico juice pops for their afternoon snack, I wondered what else I would do to pass the time. Being at home without any of my kids seemed so.... odd.

Now, I realize that most moms are doing a dance and are thrilled to have the break after a long summer. But surely, after a while, chores get done, shows get caught up on and we all get a little bored. Recharging is important by breaking up the monotony of the day! 

Fortunately, I work from home full time so I did not have to think long. However, because I am a single mom to three, my work hours have always been very early in the morning, very late at night or during a movie that they all want to see. So having 8 hours suddenly during the day five days a week is a shock to my system. Somehow, I have become a mom with the daytime hours mainly to myself. Because I am still getting up very early to work, I am using less of the time during the day. So I still need a filler that includes more than Candy Crush and a Law and Order marathon. As a way to avoid the couch potato rut, I have made a list of 4 things I can do during the week that will make me get out and be a productive member of civilization! Once the chores are done, of course… 

Join a Sports League

We have all heard the 'I used to play in High School' stories. Well, I really did play Tennis in high school, college and many, many years beyond. Though it may be hard to find a daytime league, I am searching through various community and national organizations for tennis matches in my area. I understand that most sports have set up days and nights that let anyone come and play the sport they love. By signing up, I am forcing myself out to exercise and socialize all school year long!

Reconnect with Old Friends

There are so many friends that I have promised I will get together with over the years. But with kids at home, a business to run and sleep to sneak in, it is hard. Now I can meet up, enjoy some new places to lunch, and catch up with people my own age!

Catch Up on My Reading

Raise your hand if you have a book, or ten, on your bedside table that you have been meaning to get to! I do, and by the time I go to bed most nights, I can barely get past a page without falling asleep. Sitting on the back porch with a cold glass of Tampico and sipping away as I escape into a book sounds amazing to me. A mini vacation right at home!

Catch up on Taking Care of Me

As a single mom, I am last. So my nails are bad, my toes need help, I need a massage, a facial and a haircut. When I am done with my work, I can now actually hit the salon. Sure, I have to save up to do it. But the day I get to will be amazing.

We all have chores, laundry, dinner to prep, work to do and other responsibilities. But getting through the days alone can be a challenge. So getting out and doing something different is important so that all parts of our lives run more smoothly!