This Valentine’s Day, why not have a little party to decorate sugar cookies?

by Janell Poulette on February 9, 2016

It's tons of fun and your kids will love it! You just need to grab a few items and you are ready to go! You can make the cookies from scratch or pick up some at your local grocery store. 

You will be the coolest mom on the blog when you host a Valentine’s Day Cookie Decorating party!


Valentine's Day Cookie Bar Shopping List

  • Sugar Cookies - I used this recipe or you can purchase some at the store
  • White icing
  • Pink icing
  • Various sprinkles and candies - pink, red, silver, red hots, conversation hearts, etc
  • Paper plates, spoons, and cups
  • Pretty napkins
  • Tampico Punch (I suggest Fruit Punch because it's a bright pink!)


Spread vanilla icing on each sugar cookie. This makes it much easier for the kids to decorate with sprinkles and candy. I used a ketchup bottle for the pink icing but it was very difficult to squirt onto the cookies. It may be better to just purchase pink icing that is already in a container that makes it easier to write on the cookies. Spread out all the cookies and put all the sprinkles in small bowls. Give each child a small plate and let them decorate!

You have to have something to drink when eating cookies, so make sure you also some Tampico Fruit Punch. All the kids loved it! The pink drink was perfect to serve at our Valentine’s Day Cookie Decorating Party.

If you haven't tried Tampico drinks yet, make sure you look for them the next time you are at the store. Tampico Beverages, one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of high-quality and value-priced, fruit-flavored juice drinks has served its line of irresistible, thirst-quenching beverages for more than 25 years.

What's your favorite treat to make for Valentine's Day?

See the video by Janell here or visit her blog