Summertime is our favorite season.There is something about it that is truly so magical. We get to enjoy the company of loved ones and friends. We get to try new things and see our kids experience new places. It is so important to soak up those tiny moments and hold them close to us. What are some ways that you are creating memories together this summer? You do not have to go on a family vacation in order to do this and it could be as simple as creating a fun snack together and taking it to your new favorite spot in town.



The twins turned three years old on 7/11. I cannot even tell you how fast it feels like this year flew by for me. So many big moments and new experiences have happened for Arie and Layla this year alone. They stopped using pacifiers and being in their cribs and are now in big girl beds and out of diapers. Every year on 7/11 we go as a family to celebrate the twins on free slurpee day. This year on our drive we happened to notice a place with water. We decided to check it out and it ended up being a lake. There was a lake in Tucson and we had no clue it was so close to our home! We were thrilled. So we decided that it was the perfect spot for us to come and beat the Arizona heat.



We have been enjoying all of the tasty Tampico flavors and this month is no different. The tropical flavor is refreshing and perfect for the summer with its mix of cherries, pineapples and oranges. Did you know that Tampico only has 30 calories in it? Talk about winning! We decided to get creative and make a delicious snack with our Tampico juice. Since it is so hot in Tucson, the girls were so excited to make their very own popsicles.



Here is a step by step process of creating popsicles at home with Tampico juice:

  • Buy an upright popsicle tray. We found ours at Target in the summer section.
  • Fill the tray halfway with Tampico juice.
  • Cut up fruits of your choice. We used pineapple to go with our tropical flavors. Now drop them in.
  • Lay them in the freezer until they are solid.
  • Take out your popsicles and fill the other half with a yogurt of your choice. We used vanilla because we thought it would pair well with the other flavors.
  • Place popsicles back into the freezer until they are solid.
  • Lastly, save them for a hot summer day for a refreshing snack.


We have been having temperatures of up to 110 degrees lately, so you will notice some of the popsicles were melting in the pictures. I definitely recommend waiting until the evening or just staying home if it is too hot to keep them frozen. Even though they were melting a little, this did not stop the girls from enjoying them at all. They thought they were so delicious and we had a great time at the lake enjoying them. Creating memories doesn't always mean a vacation. It can simply mean spending time together and in our case, making a delicious treat and enjoying each other’s company. I am soaking up all these special moments with the girls as all three of them will be attending school in August. What would you create with your favorite Tampico flavor? Thank you Tampico for keeping us cool and giving us new memories that will last forever.


This entire summer we have been building our scrapbook with all of our awesome moments. In May we had the best Maycation and went on a hike. The Arizona views were amazing! It was the perfect day to be outdoors as a family. In June we celebrated on Father’s Day and dad taught the girls how to play soccer and about teamwork. Another perfect day spent outdoors together as a family. Now, we are in July and we decided to spend our day at the lake. The girls loved the fresh air and looking out at the water too. They enjoyed their homemade popsicles and had a blast. These are the moments I want to remember and now I can see them whenever I want thanks to my summer scrapbook. Stay tuned to see what we will be up next. See you in August!