by Shannon Panganiban

It’s back to school time! Many of us mamas are sending our child for the first time to their Pre-K class while some are releasing their child for the fifth time. No matter what stage of motherhood you are in at the moment, we all know the feelings that accompany a new school year. There are some of us, however, that have not yet sent our kids off to class, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not just as diligent about our morning routine. Getting my kids ready for the years ahead is important to me, so we have activities that we will be implementing this school year that are perfect for educating toddlers.


Are your kids excited and ready to head back to their classrooms? Those early mornings are sure to be a challenge after a summer of relaxation, but nothing you can’t conquer! My kids are early risers, but that certainly does not mean cheery risers. As this new school year approaches, I watch my three year old and his ambitious & adventurous personality. He loves to explore, ask questions, and take in all the information that his little mind can hold. I want to channel that and allow him to start learning the principles that he will later discover in his class. Discipline, a love for learning, and an excitement to start the day on a good note are just a few of the goals we are reaching for this year. 

If you have toddlers at home, these activities are for you to test out and try! They are simple but at the same time instill valuable & independent learning techniques that will only flourish. So grab a bite to eat and pour that Tampico morning juice, because it’s time to get started!

Breakfast Shapes

An activity my son loves is making & matching his breakfast food into shapes. Not only do we recognize and talk about each shape – size & number of sides – but we also match them to each other and make coordinating areas. This is something that is so important. For a toddler to be able to name a shape and match it with its pair is a lesson that can be built upon time and time again in his school career. Ask your child, “How many sides does this shape have?” “What do you see in our home that is the same shape as this one?” “How many triangle foods are on this plate?”


Activity Books

There are some amazing resources out there on the market & I highly encourage you to take advantage of them. Activity books have become some of our favorite because there is something for every age and personality type. In fact, I try to find an activity book that correlates with what my son currently loves. You know how kids go through stages, well; right now for mine it is animals. An animal activity book captures his attention, but then teaches him so many various concepts such as early reading skills, math skills, and writing skills. There are even apps that can be downloaded for free that do the same things.



Personalized Printables

At the touch of our fingers, we have access to countless printables that can be used to enhance your child’s learning. Since as a toddler, writing pretty much consists of some scribbles with crayons, I am determined to work with my son on the first letter of his name, and then moving on from there. He loves that he has his “own letter” and that he can choose a color every morning and work on tracing it. As a mom, there is nothing better than seeing your child learn to discover what they can really do. Find printables for the alphabet, words, or pictures as their skills increase.


 All moms know that learning needs to begin with a healthy and delicious start to the day. That is why I love Tampico for my kids. They love the taste & I’m thrilled that they are fueling their mind and body.


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