If you happen to travel for a vacation anywhere with kids, you know that keeping them entertained can be rather hard at times.

One thing that surely will keep them busy is a kid travel journal. Making them is almost as fun as filling in the details. Here are some tips on creating a kid travel journal that will produce memories that will last a lifetime.


Find Out What Interests Them

First off, talk to your child to find out whether they would be more interested in writing or drawing pictures of their vacation adventures. If they choose to draw pictures purchase a small scrapbook for your child to draw in. A lined journal can be purchased to create a kid travel journal for children that prefer to write rather than draw about what they see on their travels. Creating and decorating the cover page of the journal can be lots of fun.


Choosing the Journal

You could choose a lined journal that has the colors that they prefer. Stock them up with pencils, erasers and colored markers and a pencil case to store their items. You could photocopy a map of the area in which you plan to travel. If traveling by car around the USA, a map of the various states would be great. Entice them to write about what adventure they would like to partake in and work towards fulfilling those adventures. If they want to dig for seashells at a faraway beach and it happens to be on the way, make plans to stop there for a while.


Get an Inexpensive Camera or use your smartphone

Purchase an inexpensive camera for them to take pictures of all the exciting things that they see upon your family travels. This will keep them busy, entertained, and educate them as well. Using programs like Windows Movie Maker (if you have a PC) or iMovie (if you have a Mac), they can create movies of the pictures when they return home.


Encourage Them to Share the Adventure

Making a kid journal highlighting their vacation travels will give them something to share with friends during the first month back at school. Your child will look back at their travel journal when they are older with fond memories. They can formalize their travel journal with the photos on a photo printing site and add captions. These can then be printed and presented as gifts to friends and family.


Regardless how you invite your children to capture their experiences of their travels, it is most important to enjoy the time together and create fantastic memories. Bon voyage!