Summer is a great time to enjoy the outdoors with the kids.

Some summer activities can get a little expensive, but they don't have to be. All you need is a little imagination, a little color and a few plants. It's easy to find your local neighborhood nurseries filled with cheerful perennials that will grow during the hot summer months and bloom until fall.

Throw a gardening party for your children that will teach them how to create and decorate their own little garden in your back yard, windowsill, or balcony. Get some friends together and try this DIY project with your families:

Tampico Plant Pots

1. Buy some seasonal small plants that are easy to depot.

2. Cut out the handle of the Tampico gallon jug.

3. Decorate by painting, drawing, or covering it with colorful paper.

4. Once your masterpiece is complete, add fresh dirt to the jug and insert your small plants. Once planted you can have your children make signs for their pots with their names on them or the name of the plants.

Gardening Shovel

Remember when you cut out the handle on the Tampico gallon jug? Don't throw it away! Trim that handle a little, making it a bit more narrow, and it turns into a handy shovel your kids can use to plant the their new garden. They can decorate the shovels as well with paint and sharpies. They can also wrap different colored yarn around the handle for an even more colorful twist.

Your home will look brighter, and the best part, you and your children will have fun creating something colorful that you will be able to enjoy for months to come!