Teaching your kids about colors, numbers, and other tangible facts is pretty straightforward.

However, not many tools exist to help them understand the more abstract concepts of life, such as emotions. Mixing states of being into casual conversation doesn’t come easily—especially for kids who are just learning to read, write or even talk!

Developed by a mother with a Master’s degree in Psychology, the colorful and fun “Emotional Animals” Game allows you to use something that kids are already enchanted with (animals) to teach them their emotions.

The game starts with two homemade die: one with the names or pictures of various animals on all six sides, and one with different emotions written on each side as well. Children roll the two die together and then imitate both the animal and the emotion that land on top.

Here’s an example: if your child rolls “happy” and “elephant,” they will imitate an elephant having a loud laugh. The game can be as challenging as you’d like it to be, based on the difficulty of emotions and animals you choose.

If your kids aren’t quite reading, use pictures of animals and different “smiley faces” to represent the different emotions. They will get the idea and perhaps learn some new words along the way.

Happy “elephanting!”