By Larisha Campbell

It's Spring Time! The weather is getting warmer and we'll find ourselves outside more and more very soon. That's why these Tampico Strawberry Mango Ice Pops are the perfect treat for warmer weather. I absolutely love making ice pops at home with our girls. I get to control the amount of fresh fruit that goes inside of them, making them think they are getting an awesome treat, but really it's super healthy for them. I also love that our 4-year-old can almost make these entirely on her own, and she absolutely loves it.

When we make ice pops at home, we stuff them with fresh fruit as much as we can and then we add a liquid to the mold to make it all come together once we put it in the freezer. For these strawberry mango ice pops we went with Tampico's mango juice and the end result was perfection. I love letting her explore in the kitchen because I know I'm setting her up with lifelong skills that she'll be able to use in so many situations. BTW, you can invest in your little bosses too, with Tampico’s Raise a Boss promotion they are hosting in partnership with DreamWorks’ new movie, The Boss Baby! Keep reading to learn more.

In the spring and summer time, we find ourselves outside almost every day. The girls play on their play set, throw their extra-large Frisbee, or just chase each other around the yard. I am usually cleaning the yard or playing in the garden. No matter what though, we find ourselves in need of a refreshing treat after we are done. Homemade ice pops are that perfect treat.

They are already in the freezer, ready to go, so we don't have to worry about figuring out what we want. The kids have literally never turned down an ice pop treat when asked if they want one. It gives us a few more minutes outside to wind down and enjoy the fresh outdoor air while we enjoy our treat and have a few more laughs together. I know that I'm creating these magically amazing memories that they are always going to cherish and in turn want to do them with their own families one day too. There's no greater feeling as a parent.

*Notes: You can fill these strawberry mango ice pops any way you like. We started some with the strawberry puree, then added a mix of fruit, then topped with the Tampico Mango juice. Others, we started with the Tampico Mango juice, layered fruit, strawberry pureed, more fruit, then more juice. You can literally do hundreds of different combinations! Play around and enjoy!

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