The following Outdoor Summer Movie Night is sponsored content, in partnership with Tampico Beverages. All juicy and sweet opinions are my own.

There’s so many sweet things to enjoy about Summer. I love having my kids home and spending time with them. They’re at the age where their imaginations soar and playtime is all the time. We’re squeezing every last drop of our summer break with fun activities. This Outdoor Summer Movie Night idea is a family favorite, where everyone can share some quality time!   

It takes a little bit of time to prepare, but the kids love helping set things up. We pick out a favorite movie to watch, set up some treats and I always serve one of our favorite summertime drinks - Tampico! With the company having just unveiled a new logo and labels with its brand refresh, the juice drinks are definitely irresistible as ever!

When it’s warm outside, the kids love to sip on Tampico Old Fashioned Lemonade with Lime. It has a delicious tart flavor that quenches your thirst. For our movie night, I added some sliced fruit on the side of the cup and paired it with a colorful straw. My oldest loved being a ‘big boy helper’ and serving Tampico to his friends. 

Let the kids have fun, gather some friends and family, and create an awesome summer movie night that everyone will remember!

Tips to Create a Summer Movie Night

Pick a Comfortable Location

We used our backyard to create a space that’s comfortable for our guests. Use pillows, blankets, lawn chairs and benches for a cozy space. I liked a semi-circle set up where our guests could watch the movie easily.

Design a Treat Station

You can’t have a movie without some snacks. For a cute touch, we filled a drink dispenser with Tampico Old Fashioned Lemonade with Lime. Guests can serve themselves, or your little helpers will volunteer. Set up a table that’s nearby for easy access to the movie snacks, but doesn’t block your projector.

Let The Kids Help

I like to make it a family affair and let the kids help me set everything up. They can help create some treats, pour cups of lemonade and pick out a movie. They’ll love feeling like a part of the event!

Pick a Movie to Project Onto Canvas

Since we’re drinking Old-Fashioned Lemonade with Lime, we picked a classic movie that the whole family can enjoy. For an outdoor movie, set up a projector to project onto a large canvas. Our canvas hangs from our deck, but you could easily hang canvas from some large trees or project onto a blank wall.

Wherever your adventures take you, keep it sweet and soak up the time with your kids. It’s all about having fun and creating experiences. Those experiences create lasting memories that are more valuable than any toy. So squeeze the day and enjoy every last drop of Summer.