by: Rachel Belkin

Now that school is back in session, we are busy again with after school activities, including baseball. It is still pretty warm outside and these kids practice several days a week for a few hours at a time. When Tampico sent us some beverages to sample, I thought they would be great to take to my son's baseball practice to share with the team.

Trying Tampico Beverages at Baseball

Some of the practices are outdoors at baseball field while others are indoors at their training facility. IN Austin, temperatures are still in the upper 90s. Even indoors, the kids can get pretty hot. The other day, my son brought along some of the chilled Tampico Beverages to share with his friends at the facility.

They enjoyed the tropical punch, a "perfect blend of cherry, orange and pineapple flavor will help create a tropical paradise for your taste buds". My son liked the sweetness and the fruity flavors. When he got home, he asked if we had anymore!

About Tampico

Tampico is a leading juice drink, outselling some of the most well-known beverage brands in the world. Tampico is currently sold in 40+ countries. I had fun looking at the map to see all the locations you can find Tampico including Madagascar, Portugal, Peru, Fiji, Indonesia, and more. So, if we ever get a chance to travel to those other countries, I know my son will be happy because we will be able to find some Tampico beverages. Maybe we should make it a challenge? We should see how many of the 40+ countries we can visit.

Tampico’s #SchoolIsCool Awww Snap! Promotion

So, what are some of your end of summer plans? What activities have your resumed now that the school year has started?

Tampico would like to know what activities, snacks, or the last-hurrahs-of-summer you plan on doing with your kids to make sure they are “Cool” and how Tampico Beverages are a part of your plan. Share with your community for a chance to win a $1000 gift card and a Tampico back-to-school pack. If you participate during their Blitz sessions you'll also have a chance to win a $25 gift card. Participate here in the sweeps here, and upload and share using the hashtag, #SchoolIsCool.