My youngest daughter loves the Netflix Series Trolls: The Beat Goes On.  We thought it would be a great idea to make Poppy Troll Cookies.

Right now you can play the "Tampico Flavor Hunt which is an interactive Instagram-based game in partnership with DreamWorksTV’s animated series, “Trolls: The Beat Goes On.”

To get ready for the excitement, we created a Deliciously Troll-iciously Cookie Bar of all the things you would need to decorate cookies to make them look like a troll.  For this activity, we chose to focus on Poppy, but with other frosting colors and sprinkles, you could make Branch, DJ Suki, Biggie, or Guy Diamond.

To make the Cookie Bar, you will need:

  • sugar cookie dough
  • cooking icing
  • decorating candies found in craft store
  • white frosting
  • candy eyes
  • Tampico Tropical Punch
  • Colorful Plates
  • Colorful Napkins
  • candy decorating pens


To give some flavor to our Poppy Cookies, we took a splash of Tampico Tropical Punch and mixed it with white frosting for flavor and a fun pink color for Poppy's hair.

To help make the shape of the troll, I used a bunny cookie cutter.  With my hands, I molded the bunny ears together to make an odd-shaped pointer top that will later be decorated as Troll Hair.

As you can see, she is serious at work decorating the Poppy faces. Some with pink cheeks.  Some with a pink smile and long lashes.  That is what is great about a cookie bar.  You can make your favorite characters as unique as you would like.

Once we had our snack to enjoy during  Netflix Series Trolls: The Beat Goes On, it was time for lots of fun and troll wigs.

“Tampico Flavor Hunt” 

Have you tried the Tampico Flavor Hunt on Instagram yet? Head over to the official Instagram of Tampico to learn more.                                                                                                         

The hunt takes players through four worlds within the Troll Village to find the hidden “Trolls: The Beat Goes On” branded Tampico multi-pack. To start, players will visit the Tampico Instagram account online or through the Instagram app.

There is a chance to find multipacks in all the irresistible flavors, including Tropical Punch, Citrus Punch and Blue Raspberry. If the players succeed, they will be entered to win a $100 Netflix gift card