Summertime comes with a whole new set of concerns about kids and safety.

There is always alertness to pool safety. I am one that believes that no matter how old the child is, supervision is necessary to avoid any traumas. But besides that, there are safety issues that need to be thought of in the summer time that we may relax on during the school year. Like protecting our kids when they play outside or being aware enough to ask the right questions after a day or week at summer camp. In addition, it is our job to make sure our kids stay hydrated and that their skin is protected. Kids generally experience more freedom during the summer so the questions and conversations need to change slightly. I am hyper aware of safety with my kids and maybe even take it too far sometimes. But there are some basics I always am alert to.

Hydration is Key

On a hot summer day where the kids are outside playing, it is easy to forget they need hydration. In fact, I have been guilty of letting my kids swim for hours on end without making them have some water or a drink. Just because they are in the water does not mean they are hydrated. Often times, though, I have to get creative to keep them drinking to prevent issues. One of my favorite ways to do that is to make popsicles out of the drinks they love to have! I almost always have Tampico in the house and we all love it. Pouring it into forms and pulling out delicious and refreshing popsicles is easy! You can even look for the prepackaged Tampico popsicles in store! Keeping kids hydrated no matter what they are doing is important for summer time safety!

Watch Them All the Time

Summer comes with a relaxed atmosphere of lazy days. They also come with kids running in and out of the house, kids in the street riding bikes, skateboards and more. Even if kids are older, though, they still need an eye on them at all times. We all know from watching the news that bad things can happen in an instant. I have made it a point to meet my neighbors so that if I do have to run in to do something, there is still an adult eye on the neighborhood kids. We also have a text tree in our neighborhood where we can check in with neighbors throughout the day to see where the kids are. Someone is always watching so even if the kids are not in front of my house, an adult is keeping an eye on them!

Ask them Questions

I am a big fan of summer camps, art camps and more over the summer for my kids. It gets them out of the routine of the hot days and gives me time to work and do what I need to do to keep the house moving. But sending kids off during the day does not mean they are totally safe. I always ask my kids when they have been at a camp, even if at a place I know well and trust, ‘Did anyone tell you not to tell me something today.’ It starts a conversation that can unveil something I don’t want to happen to my kids. Whether it be as simple as a friend telling them not to tell me that they traded lunches to an adult telling them not to tell their mommy they touched them, the question is open ended and I am always alert when they are answering. It seems simple, but keeping kids safer can be easier with a simple question.

Swimming Pool Safety is Important

Every year it is mentioned almost hourly that watching kids in a pool, no matter the age and skill level, is so important. It is. Just recently a 9 year old boy drowned during an end of school party in a pool with 10 other kids. No one even saw him go under as all of the adults were inside. It seems illogical that with that many kids in a pool, one could be found at the bottom with no indication of what happened, but it does sadly happen. So watching kids, no matter the age, around a pool is imperative. When we go to water parks, I make sure my kids know where the lifeguards are in case they or someone around them needs help. The more we watch them, the more we prevent a tragedy from happening!

Kids and summer go hand in hand. But with the relaxed atmosphere comes a new set of worries that we need to mitigate. Being prepared, paying attention and communication are key to making summertime awesome for everyone!