Summer is just around the corner and we are already planning our outdoor family activities.  Whether it's the pool, the beach or the park, I always make sure to have something on hand to cool us all down because let's face it, the summer sun is no joke (especially here in Florida).  We always bring along a cooler filled with fresh fruits and veggies, our favorite chilled Tampico juice drinks and these fun and easy-to-make, fresh fruit popsicles!  

Fresh fruit popsicles are not only super delicious and inexpensive to make, they are also incredibly fun to make as a family! My girls love to choose the fruits and create their own yummy frozen treats.  With fresh fruit packed into every popsicle, they make snack time just a little bit healthier, which I love.  So far, our favorite combination is strawberry, raspberry and kiwi with Tampico Old Fashioned Lemonade with Lime.  Sounds good, doesn't it? Wait until you taste it!

It's a juice that I've been drinking since I was a kid and it makes me happy that my kids love it too.  And although the outside may look a bit different then you remember, it’s only because Tampico went through a brand refresh in March! The new logo and branding totally shows just how delicious the juice drink really is, and the product tastes the same as you remembered. Our favorite, the Old Fashioned Lemonade with Lime is the perfect summer drink! It's refreshingly delicious and packed with vitamin C. The perfect juice drink to use as the base for our popsicle treats!

When we make fresh fruit popsicles, my job is to slice up the fruit (safety first). I always find myself cutting up way more than we need so the girls have a snack once their hard popsicle-making work is complete.  They are all huge fans of fresh fruit so they see it as a reward.  Best reward ever.


Whether it's Pineapple Coconut Punch, Strawberry Banana Punch, Island Punch, or any of their other flavor blends, you'll find that Tampico’s flavors are irresistible! My girls are huge fans whether it's in a cup or frozen.  The possibilities are endless. 

What will you put in your fresh fruit popsicles? Whatever your fruit choices are, don't forget to add Tampico and Squeeze the Day! I can't wait to hear what you'll come up with.

Comment below and let us know what you come up with!