When it comes to studying, kids need a place in which they can collect their thoughts and focus on getting their schoolwork done.

It needs to be an area that is free of clutter and can be used to place their schoolwork and stationery supplies. Here are some steps in creating a homework station.

1. It’s All About Location - In order to help your child get fantastic grades and achieve success in school, it is important that you create a homework station that is away from all the noise and activity in the home. Choose a room or even a nook in one room that does not have a television, as this seems to be a main distraction. Younger children might need assistance with their homework, so the kitchen may be a satisfactory setting until they are a little older.

2. Have Proper Lighting- Once you decide on the location of the homework station, make sure that it has ample lighting. A child could use natural lighting from a window when it is sunny and bright, but make sure there is enough light over the homework station area for the child to work.

3. Have a Corkboard for Important Information - A corkboard hanging above their homework station with pushpins to hang up any special notifications or information will help keep everyone on track. It is easier to meet your goal if it is in front of you.

4. Have a Good Desk - Whether you have the child sitting at a desk especially made for them or any other table in the house, make sure that the chair is comfortable and is of the proper size. The child’s feet should be able to be placed flat on the floor without stretching. Dangling feet will encourage distractions and does not allow for correct posture which helps concentration.

5. Use Double Purpose Items - Reduce the amount of clutter in and around the homework station by using dual purpose items. A desk lamp that has open boxed-in storage areas are great for storing pens, pencils, and markers. A bookshelf can hold books, an atlas, and even some small plastic baskets for other stationary items such as paper clips, a stapler, push pins, a ruler, erasers and so forth.

Providing your little one a place that is their own where they can focus on the task at hand will not only help them ace their school assignments now, but will foster good study habits for years to come.