by Kendra Williams on April 1, 2016

I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting and spring is finally here! Now it’s time for me and my boys to get outside and enjoy the weather. We’ve finally got their allergies under control, so now we spend as much time outside as possible. We go to the playground, the beach, and our open- air farmers market a couple of times a week. You would think that we get enough of being outdoors, but we don’t. There’s nothing like getting fresh air after being in the house! We love heading to a local park that is covered with tropical vegetation. We recently took a spring nature walk and it was awesome!

Since we went right after I picked up my oldest from daycare, they of course wanted a snack and some Tampico. I love its value and my sons love several of its blended fruit-flavors. Tampico beverages are sold in more than 50 countries worldwide, so it’s very easy to find at any local grocery store.

Once they finished their refreshments, we started our nature walk. The first plants that we ran into were elephant ears. They were everywhere! When I say that we were any a tropical garden, that’s exactly what I mean. It didn’t even feel like we were anywhere near our house. It felt like we were miles away because of all of the tropical vegetation, including all types of palm trees!

Where there’s tropical vegetation, you will find wildlife. My oldest son was excited about finding a cheetah (because it’s his favorite animal of the week), but I had to explain to him that he wasn’t going to find any. However, we did find a lizard! There were plenty of lizards here.

My sons kept picking up these large pods. I’m not sure what type of pods they were or if they were some type of bean pod. I tried looking them up online, but couldn’t find any information on them. There were also these awesome trees that had partly died, but they made for good photography.

After our walk, my sons sat down and drew everything that they saw. My oldest one drew the plants and lizard and then insisted that I help him draw a cheetah (even though he didn’t see any). Of course, I helped him out. Since it was pretty warm after our walk, they sat down for another sip of Tampico before we headed home after our adventurous walk!

Do you and your family enjoy spring nature walks?

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