By: Lori Pace  

Tampico is planning an exciting refresh to its brand later this spring, so in honor of its near 30-year history, we’re taking a look back with them on the past few decades and reliving our favorite moments. Join in with the nostalgia and fun and let us know what games, tv shows, foods and more you loved from your childhood in the comments!


I love love love taking my kids back to my childhood with memories and stories. I think they love hearing them too. This holiday season, I had a hard time finding things for the kids’ presents. They have everything it seems! As I was searching the aisles of the store, I started picking up long-time favorite foods and drinks that were around when I was a kid, like Tampico beverages. I got an idea, and then found some nostalgic things for the kids that I had to have! Old time - as in, when I was a child - video games!


Into the cart went Space Invaders, Frogger and Pac-Man! I spent hours playing these games when I was a child of the late 80's and 90's! I can clearly remember leaping across the pond and the road as my frog avoided the pitfalls and shooting at the asteroids as they came down to crush my spaceship!

Tampico was a drink of my childhood as well, with its release in 1989. It is refreshing and flavorful and easy to serve my fruit-loving kids. With a variety of flavors, you will find one that your family loves too.


Because I found these great games that transported me back to my childhood, and plenty of Tampico too, I decided to have a 'Splash from the Past Night' with my kids!

I grabbed the kids and some Tampico juices - I love the smaller individual bottles for the kids – and the games and we hit the living room to play.

First up was Space Invaders! You remember this game, right? Well it is just as awesome as it was when I was a kid! I told the kids how the game worked and even played a level - or ten - to show them how it was done. Then it was time to hand off the joy stick to see if they got as much fun out of it as I did as a kid!

I can happily report that Space Invaders has invaded our house and the kids are hooked! 


Next up was Frogger. Now this game is FUN! I explained to the kids that I used to sit in my living room and play for hours, always trying to get to the next level! My video game-loving Megan grabbed the remote and went to work, concentrating as hard as she could on making sure her frogs lived despite the hazards. 

As I stood watching my curly haired girl concentrate and play I felt I was looking at myself. That is a cool feeling as a mom.

As 'Splash from the Past' night wound down, it was time to pull out the handheld Pac-Man game I found. As classic as Tampico, this little jewel was an instant hit for Megan.

She sipped her juice and played the night away, screaming every time a ghost got the better of her!

'Splash from the Past' Night was so much fun and I am looking forward to another. This time, though, I think I will actively try to crush my kids with my own skills (that surely will come back from my childhood memories!).

OK, maybe not, these kids are good, but I will have a blast trying! 

What was the last thing you introduced to your kids from your childhood?

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