Are you ready to explore the Summer with your kids? There are so many fun things you can do without paying a fortune! Let me help you with some fun ideas that our little family is going to do. This Summer it's a colorful life!  with the imaginatively curious and always delicious Tampico juice.


The best part of Summer is stocking up your fridge with goodies that the kids are going to seemingly plow through. I always suggest the colorful and irresistible 30 calories per serving Tampico juice! So many yummy flavors to try, have you checked out the Blue Raspberry? Citrus Punch has always been our go-to but it's time to live your most colorful life and try it all!

For May we are starting our Summer scrapbook before school finishes up. We picked out a really nice book at a craft store that even came with some prompts and stickers to use. Each month, we will start sharing our pages as we print our favorite adventures and photos. This is a really fun and affordable way to have a cool family keepsake at the end of the Summer to look back on. A Summer Scrapbook should be as colorful and as bold as you want it to me, make sure it celebrates YOUR family and YOUR fun! Check back for ideas on how we are adding to it each month.


For May we wanted to do a little Maycation Staycation. We planned a couple family fun days that fit our budget and we documented via photos. Some photos I am sharing with you now and some you will spot as we start putting our Summer scrapbook together! The fun of having photos printed and really pulling them off the digital media is quite fun! Your kids will enjoy being able to put the memories together, use stickers, and write notes. It will be something special to look back on for years to come. Who knows, maybe it will become a family tradition each year! See how the family grows!

Our first outing consisted of a lunch at one of our favorite places and a movie date. We took a photo at lunch, at the theatre, and saved our movie stubs to put in our Summer scrapbook. School is nearing an end so we did another fun outing as well, no reason not to plan something fun weekly! We planned another fun lunch date and then spent the afternoon at a private park so we could have quality time without the crowds. As hot as it gets, we always travel with our own tumblers or bottles with ice so we can take our favorite Tampico juice flavors with us to keep refreshed!

This photo shows how it goes down at meal dates now. Davin has to fight me to sit next to David. I let the kid win when we take him out, it puts a smile on his face. Why are restaurants not offering Tampico juice yet??? So much more appetizing than a soda or milk! The kiddo knows Summer is in full swing when Mom stocks up and keeps the fridge loaded. I may have to include my new fridge delivery in the Summer scrapbook, that will be a pivotal moments in my life, LOL.

After lunch we hit the park and the guys had a blast chasing each other down the slides, playing hide and go seek, racing around playing tag, and of course getting drenched in the water fountain.

The Summer days can be long and hot, finding the fun and feeling refreshed are just two of the key essentials. It's about time to start hopping in the pool! I captured so many fun moments and memories, picking and choosing which to print and start our Summer scrapbook with is going to be hard, I can't wait to show you how it starts to come together!

Follow us all Summer to see how our Summer scrapbook comes along and I hope we can inspire you to create your own! You can follow the hashtags #TampicoJuice  and #ItsAColorfulLife to see more great ideas, fun memories being made, and get inspired to start your own Summer scrapbook! I would love to see what you come up with.

See you again in June with some of our pages put together and more fun ideas to capture the memories with your loved ones!