Tampico, Fruit, and Fun!

I live in South Texas. We don’t like cold in South Texas. We would rather suffer through 12 months of humid, hot temperatures than deal with a week below 40 degrees. It isn’t just the adults, either, my three girls are ready for these cold snaps to be over. Though we are not buried under 10 feet of snow like the rest of the country, the excitement of the big coats and the new boots wore off weeks ago. I can almost feel it, though. The sun is starting to come out and the weatherman is starting to look hopeful! In fact, I am so hopeful that I have been buying foods that I can make for my kids that will help them get ready for spring! With fun cookie cutters and creative tricks, I can prep my girls for days of playing outside and picnics in a hurry! Add Tampico juices to the mix and we have foods for spring that anyone would love!

Fruit Chicks

A while back I found the cutest cookie cutters. Part of spring is Easter so I use them a lot when the temperatures start warming up. One of my absolute favorite things to make is Cantaloupe Chicks! These are so easy and so fun and the kids just eat them up! They remind me of sunshine and happiness and warmth! Foods that get you ready for spring should do that!

Creating them is easy. Slice your cantaloupe into about 1” chicks. Use writing icing to make the eyes. I also use cookie cutters and fruit to make my fruit flowers! Just cut a flower in cantaloupe or honeydew melon. Use a smaller flower to cut a strawberry. Then add the blueberry. Use whipped cream to adhere the levels!

Whipped Tampico Juice

My girls and I love Tampico juices. I buy them by the gallon and have them on hand for a quick drink that has refreshing flavors. A while back I came up with a whipped Tampico drink that the kids love. Think of an Orange Creamsicle but with the flavors of tangerine and lemon mixed in!

To make it just add a scoop of ice cream, a big dollop of whipped cream and about a cup Tampico juices to a blender. Mix well and serve with a straw! This is perfect for those warm afternoons upon us!

Fruit Kabobs

Another fun trick I do to get my kids in the mood for spring is to add some sweet to the better for you snack! Using colorful straws I make fruit kabobs with strawberries, watermelon and spring shaped marshmallows! I lay them out on a plate in the fridge and as the day progresses the kids munch on them. It is a sweet treat that is great for little hands!

Springtime always marks a freshness to the year for me! Adding great foods and drinks that my family will love to warm them up and get them ready to dance among the flowers is a wonderful idea! What springtime foods do you love to serve?