Mid-July is when the heat is the hottest here in Florida, and we seek ice cold drinks to help cool us down. Frozen slushies and smoothies are our go-tos! I have found a quick secret to making fruit smoothies and slushes in a hurry with Tampico!

Tampico Beverages has served as one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of high quality juice drinks. What’s your flavor? We just purchased the tropical punch flavor along with the citrus punch! The flavors are perfectly blended and a family-favorite. Tropical punch combines cherries, pineapple, and orange for a fruity twist.

So one of my biggest hang ups when it comes to preparing smoothies is gathering ALL of the ingredients. Fruit can go bad so quickly and I never have any on hand, but I DO always have Tampico in the fridge! Add ice, blend, and ENJOY an easy fruit smoothie! You can throw in your favorite fruits if you have them on hand!

My little dude loves to help make smoothies because it is so easy for him to get excited about them! He loves to mix and match ingredients and find a new flavor. His latest request? A smoothie that tastes like bubblegum. I mean, I can’t make this up.

We had bananas and tropical punch, so I knew it would be a fun pairing for summer.


Blended to perfection! Cold, fruity, and delicious!

Find your favorite Tampico flavor and COOL OFF this summer! Let your kiddos help you create the craziest (yet tastiest!) smoothies they can dream of with the variety of flavors available. Their imaginations can help create endless options.


8 oz Tampico

1 banana

LOTS of ice


Blend! If you don’t blend it fully, it will be more of a slushie which is quite good too!

How do you cool off on hot days? What’s your favorite Tampico flavor?