Is it back to school for your family yet? We have a few more weeks of summer vacation in NYC and one activity my girls and I love to do before school is picking out outfits for the new school year. We purge their closets and donate anything that is too small or that they just don’t wear anymore. Another thing we do is take some pieces and brainstorm ideas on how to give the items some new life. The girls had denim jackets that were still in good condition but needed some sprucing up. Check out our tutorial below to see how we gave these denim jackets more life by adding some distress and some fruity fun patches. This post was inspired by all the fruity flavors from Tampico Juice. Tampico will continue to be a part of our adventures as school begins. Have you checked out our other post on how we documented our fun times with Tampico this summer on our scrapbook?

Quick Facts:

Did you know that Tampico provides 100 percent of the daily value of vitamin C? Color never tasted so good with Tampico having only 30 calories per serving!

Now for the FUN!



Step 1

Its distress time. The girls wanted to distress some parts of the jackets, especially in the front. Start cutting two slits with a scissors or exacto knife and then pulling out the denim part with a tweezer. We decided on a few spots and then also distressed the bottom.



Step 2

Arrange where you want the patches. Using a hot iron press for a few minutes over the patches. Check to see if the patches had adhered to the fabric. You can also use a towel to protect the fabric.


Viola you have a new denim jacket!

We had a great time designing their jackets. This activity was a great way to make special memories for our scrap book and I know every time they wear it out they will remember the fun times we had this summer.

What are you waiting for start designing your jackets with Tampico! A perfect way to add color to your school year. Thank you Tampico for sponsoring this post. Wishing everyone lots of luck this school year from our family to yours.