by Lori Pace

To say out Back to School season has been a whirlwind for us is an understatement. Just three days after the first day of school a Category 4 Hurricane hit the Texas Gulf Coast. While my home did not take a direct hit, we only lost power for three days, internet and TV for almost 5, we watched as our beloved city of Houston was swallowed up by #HurricaneHarvey, including about 10 of our neighbors. As we recover, we have to get back into the Back to School spirit! School starts again the Tuesday after Labor Day after over a week of being closed. My kids LOVE school so it has been hard on them for sure. They want to see their friends and get back into the routine of life just as we adults do. I want to make this second Back to School Season this year special for them! So, just as I did two weeks ago, I am washing and folding clothes, shopping for back to school lunches and snacks and filling my fridge with great items like Tampico Juices for their after school snacks! I will be organizing for back to school. Again.

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Since I now seem to be an expert on organizing for back to school I thought I would pass on some tips for making it a little easier. From choosing the perfect outfit to how to make sure they have what they need when they want it!

Buy Smart Pieces

My youngest, Megan is horrible about liking clothing that will multi-task. She has the 'most unique, one outfit at a time' mentality. Problem is, if she gets it home and she does not like one small aspect of it, she never wears it again. So I have to be very, very clever about buying clothing that they will all love that can be worn with more than one outfit.

Jean jacks, shirts that tie around the kid's waists and stretchy jeans and shorts that can mix and match are my go to staples!

The Night Before Is King

If my kids do not have every single aspect of their outfit picked the night before my mornings are chaos. So I take the time every night to help them pick out everything from underwear to socks to shoes, hair accessories and even jewelry. We lay it all on the end of their beds and they are ready to go. With everything out already, the mornings go much more smoothly.

Use Hangers Sparingly

While I love a pretty dress and want all of my kids clothes to look pressed and perfect I am keenly aware that my kids are not going to keep them hung up. They are going to try things on and toss them on the floor. I have found that the best way to keep my kids, and their closets, organized is to use the least amount of hangers possible.

I buy clothes that can be folded and put in drawers. I, personally, find it so much easier for the kids to keep drawers clean than clothes on hangers.

Let Them Shine

For me, preparing the kids for back to school means allowing them to be who they are. They have to dress for who they are, dress in what they like and feel good about how they look. So, other than making sure they are covered, I let them dress themselves. When organizing for back to school I find letting their personality shine to be a very important part of it all!

As they head off to school - again - with Tampico in their lunch boxes, I like knowing that they are confident, organized and ready to conquer the day!

How do you organize for back to school?