Did you know that February 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Day?

I love that in the middle of winter (especially here in Chicago since we keep getting more and more snow) that we can warm each others hearts. The best part of doing Random Acts Of Kindness is that you are making another person's day. I know that I love reading on Facebook about how others have helped my friends. The things you do don't have to be overly elaborate either.

If you are a not sure what you can do on this day, I have made a list for you:

  1. Have a drink and snack with your kids or other loved ones in your life. We often forget to take time out of our busy lives to just sit down and enjoy one another's company.
  2. Pick 5 of you friends and either Tweet or Facebook message them why you love them. This is something that you can easily do to bring a smile to their face! Plus, it will help you to reconnect to the loved ones in your life!
  3. Ask to see the manager at the places you go on February 17th. Compliment the service you receive. We often remember to complain about bad service, but forget to reward good service.
  4. If you are in a drive-thru line, pay for the order of the person behind you. It is little things like this that can totally make another's day (and makes for a great post on social media to go viral).
  5. If you wear glasses, look around your house for all those pairs of glasses that are the wrong prescription and donate them. Our local eye doctor collects them and donates them to those who can't afford glasses. With 4 of us in glasses in our house, we have lots of extra pairs that aren't getting worn. Plus, I know how much glasses cost, and they aren't cheap!
  6. Volunteer at your kids' school this day. It will be a great surprise for them, and most schools can always use your help!
  7. Write your partner a list of things you love about them. We often forget to tell those closest to us how we feel. Plus, this list will help you reconnect in our busy lives.
  8. Snowblow your neighbors sidewalk and/or driveway. With the amount of snow we've gotten in Chicago (over 20 inches!), trust me that this would be extremely appreciated!
  9. If you are an animal lover, donate the adoption fee to them for them to use on a family who can use it.   You can also drop off some extra dog or cat food too.
  10. Say yes when the cashier asks if you want to donate $1 to whatever charity they are contributing to. Those dollars add up to making a difference!

How will you be celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Day? What will you be doing?