The girls have now survived their first 3 weeks of school. It is still so hard to believe that I have twin preschoolers and a first grader. Where does the time go? Do you ever have those moments where you look back and wonder where the time went? It is so important to take in every single second we have with our kids. There will always be clothes to wash, dishes to put away, toys to pick up, and things we “should be” doing. I’m here to tell you it is okay to leave those things where they are sometimes. It is okay to focus on the kids and soak in the moment with them. So go ahead mama, stack up that block tower, play family, or in my case help them make puppets.

This month we decided to put on a show with Tampico. The girls wanted to do something they have never done before, so we decided to make puppets and get creative. I am so proud of them with all that they have already learned in school. I loved watching them color each of their puppet shirts based on their own colorful personalities. I gave them crayons and told them that they could use whatever colors made them happy. Jhurell helped them with the features of their puppets and let them pick out the color of their hair, bows and glasses. There were lots of beautiful and bold colors involved.

After we colored, we took a break and enjoyed some delicious Tampico drinks. This month we enjoyed tasting the Zero Citrus Punch and the Zero Mango Flavors. Did I mention that these drinks are sugar free? Talk about the perfect after dinner drink where you don’t have to worry about the kids getting a sugar high right before bed. This is a serious mom win! 

A few ways time spent with your kids can benefit them are:


It promotes positive behavior. I have noticed if Arie gets bored or feels like she is not getting enough attention she acts out. She tends to get into trouble the second she starts feeling this way. Since I started to notice this, Jhurell and I have been doing our best to keep her mind active. We color with her, talk to her, or just hold her and spend time with her while watching her favorite show. There has been a drastic improvement. She gets into trouble a lot less and she seems a lot happier too. 


It allows the parents to get to know their kids better and learn their strengths and weaknesses. I try my best to spend individual time with the girls. I have actually learned a lot about each of them. I have learned that Layla is very smart and picks up things easily. She likes to observe first and make sure she is comfortable before she dives in. Arie likes to do most things on her own and would rather have alone time. You would probably be surprised to know that her and Layla do not play together much at home or at school. Kaila is very analytical and she can be a perfectionist at times. Each kid requires a different level of affection and if I did not take the time to learn, then I would not be able to give them the love or attention they require. 


Quality time with the kids can improve communication. I don’t know about you, but I have lots of difficulty trying to talk with the twins. They struggle to communicate what is actually wrong and then everyone ends up getting frustrated. We are now talking to them and teaching them to tell us what is bothering them. We still have a long way to go, but we are already seeing a huge improvement with communication as well. The more time we take to get to know them and show them we value them, the more they open up and talk to us about what they are thinking. 

Spending time with our kids is so important. We have truly enjoyed all of our family moments spent with Tampico this summer. If you have not been following along with us here is a small recap:


In May we enjoyed a beautiful MayCation in the desert. We spent the day hiking and enjoying each other's company outdoors. We climbed to new heights and explored the girls curiosity. We also enjoyed Tampico Citrus Punch while we cooled off from the Arizona heat.

In June we spent Father’s Day celebrating Jhurell by learning soccer. We enjoyed our time outdoors running and laughing and created lots of fun new memories. We took a break and we enjoyed tasting Tampico Kiwi Strawberry Punch and Island Punch.

In July we got creative and made popsicles with the help of Tampico. We let the kids get involved and enjoyed a day at the lake with our delicious treats. The Tropical Punch flavor was the perfect addition to our homemade popsicles. 

In August we got ready for back to school by making our own supply boxes. They had so much fun making boxes that brought out their personalities and brought some color into their day. We took a break from our creativity and enjoyed some delicious Mango Punch Tampico.

We loved tasting the different Tampico flavors and getting creative all summer long. How do you let your kids express themselves? Let’s teach them how to add color into the world and enjoy some delicious Tampico along the way.