By: Kasey Schwartz

"Stop playing with your food!!"  How many times have you said that phrase in your life?  I know that I've said it at least a million times!  But, sometimes playing with your food is a good thing! 

WHAT?! Yep!  Kids learn while playing and that even means if they're playing with their food - no matter how crazy it makes us moms! 


Tampico, the Imaginatively Curious juice drink that families love, is launching a refreshed brand look this month. To celebrate, we are taking our own Imaginatively Curious journey AND playing with food—foll­ow along to see what we did! 


My 5-year-old, Sydney, is my pickiest eater by far.  She pretty much eats the same things every day; waffles, sandwiches, quesadillas, and muffins top her list of loves.

BUT she also loves fruits and veggies. Juice drinks are one of her favorites, too, and she would drink it at every meal if she could. When she tried Tampico, she loved it!  

The delicious fruity taste and bright juice color make it irresistible to kids AND to parents alike.

We were inspired to play with fruit flavors that are also IN Tampico!  Look at all that bright fruit that is begging to enjoyed! 

For this creative “Play with your food” activity, we decided to get imaginatively curious by arranging fruits in different bright colors to make different objects and picture. The shapes and textures of the fruit we chose helped add to the masterpiece. We chose pineapple, blueberries, strawberries, honey dew melon, blackberries, and cantaloupe!

Sydney had fun making rainbow scenes on her plate before gobbling it up and drinking a yummy glass of Tampico! The biggest challenge was not to eat all of the fruit before the masterpiece was complete.


With several different flavors available to buy, we purchased the Tropical Punch and Island Punch.  Both VERY good!  I'm excited to have these on hand during the warmer months, as well! There's nothing better than a fruity, tropical drink on a hot day!  AND, we love that Tampico comes in gallon size containers, so we won't run out as fast. SCORE for this frugal mama!


As I mentioned, after more than two decades of bringing fun fruit flavors to families all over the world, Tampico will debut a brand new look on March 20th! We know it will still be as irresistible as ever - even to 5-year-olds! To celebrate its Imaginatively Curious nature, Tampico wants its consumers to enjoy the experience of drinking a glass of refreshing Tampico even more, with brighter colors, fresh design, and emphasis on the amazing mix of fruit flavors inside every bottle!


The brand new look of Tampico will be revealed to the world on March 20- so stay tuned to my All Things Mamma Facebook Page to check it out on that day! I think you're gonna love it!