By Larisha Campbell

Growing up, Andrew and I were never the class clowns. However, we both enjoy a good prank every now and again. We've done some silly stuff in the almost decade that we've been together. What's even funnier though is now pulling pranks on our kids. The pure belly laughter that you get when your little one laughs is the best sound in the world. We love it. We jump out and scare them. We've sprayed them with water when they weren't expecting it. Pushed their face into a piece of cake when they went to take a bit, ensuring that icing went all over their face. Good, fun, humorous pranks. Serenity is getting to be the age that's it's even funnier. She even tries to play her own pranks sometimes. Her favorite thing to do right now is to put toys in our shoes. She literally bursts out in laughter when we try to put our shoes on and realize there's something inside. She also occasionally blames her sister. However, her laughter kind of gives her away. 

This is how our family works to “Unbottle Laffter”. Right now Tampico beverages is working to promote the new DreamWorks' movie “Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie” (which is full of pranks!) to make sure every family gets together to “Unbottle Laffter” in their own home. Tampico is also introducing a fun, Captain Underpants themed contest on its Facebook page. Keep reading to learn more.

It was time to up the anti.

To celebrate the new Captain Underpants movie, we realized that we needed to take up our pranks a bit with her. Again, we don't want to do anything harmful, but we want our house to be full of laughter and fun. We've never done prank food before, but I know a friend that gave her family cupcakes that were really mashed potatoes and meatloaf. Serenity's favorite food is pizza, so we decided to make a cake that looked like pizza. We wanted her to be included in the fun day, so we ended up telling her what we were doing, but she was a bit confused until the end product was done. She then proclaimed, "It really does look like a pizza!" #Winning We all know if a kid says it's so, it is.

Making the pizza cake

It actually isn't that hard to make this pizza cake. The girls said it was so delicious. It's a bit on the sweet side and Serenity declared that she's never eating black licorice ever again, but otherwise amazing. We did use a box cake mix for this recipe, but you could totally use for your favorite homemade cake recipe too. The key with this cake recipe though it that we used Tampico Citrus Punch in place of the water the recipe calls for. The Tampico juice gives it such a sweet citrus flavor that it really makes this whole cake come together perfectly.

Here's the full recipe:

((Inside Recipe Card))


1 Box Yellow Cake Mix

1/4 cup oil*

3 whole eggs*

1 cup Tampico Citrus Punch juice*

1 can cherry pie filling

1 white chocolate bar

fruit leather

red, yellow, green, and orange gum drops

black licorice



*Bake cake according to directions, replacing water with Tampico Citrus Punch juice. Our recipe called for 1/4 cup oil, 3 whole eggs, and 1 cup liquid.

One done, remove from oven and let cool completely.

While cool, add half the can of cherry pie filling to a food processor and pulse until it resembles and chunky marinara sauce. Set aside.

Using a cheese grater, grate a white chocolate bar. You need approximately 1/4 cup of grated chocolate.

Lay fruit leather out in a single sheet. Cut small circles out. *We used the large end of a metal cake piping tip to cut easily.

Using a rolling pin, roll out 2 of each color gum drops. Cut in very thin slices.

Chop up the black licorice.

!Time to Assemble

Spread cherry pie mixture on top of a cooled cake

Sprinkle with grated chocolate

Top with sliced gum drops, round fruit leather pieces, and chopped black licorice. (Peppers, pepperoni, and olives)

Serve immediately or cover in air tight container up to 3 days.



In partnership with DreamWorks’ animated comedy "Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie," Tampico Beverages, one of the world’s leading beverage brands, is introducing its “Unbottle Laffter” contest. Participants can enter now through 11:59 p.m. EST July 13 by visiting Tampico’s Facebook Page and commenting on a contest post. The first 20 entrants to respond to a contest post will receive a family pack of movie tickets. Additionally, every entrant will be automatically entered for a chance to win the Grand Prize: a pair of tablets for laughing, learning and enjoying life together. The grand prize winner will be announced July 14. Participants are also invited to enjoy Tampico’s Prank Board, a collage of hilarious sounds in the style of Captain Underpants.

Participation is easy:

  1. Every two weeks, visitors of com/DrinkTampico may enter the contest by providing creative responses to irresistibly silly superhero requests posted to the page.
  2. The first 20 entries to every contest post will be awarded with a family four-pack of movie tickets valued at $50 via Fandango.
  3. Every participant is automatically entered into the sweepstakes for the Grand Prize: a pair of tablets (Large “Superhero” and Mini “Sidekick” size). 

The Prank Board can be accessed by all at:

Participants must be age 17 or older to be eligible. For more information, including no-purchase entry, visit

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