Construction paper, tape, tissue and tons of creativity is all this dynamic mommy-daughter team needed

to make haute couture green with envy. When we came across these images on Angie Keiser's Instagram, account we could barely believe our eyes.

There you will discover frocks fit for the red carpet, created in minutes and worn by Angie's daughter, whom she affectionately calls Mayhem. Mayhem sports the designs with enough pizzazz to make any supermodel take notice. Work!

With no fashion background whatsoever, this creative mom has been able to boost her little girl's imagination with a very small price tag.

"Mayhem and I have a deal that we don’t make anything that we don’t already have the supplies for. The exception is when we run out of tape and glue. And you’ve never seen excitement like the excitement of buying a giant box of packing tape at Sam’s club on a 4-year-old," Angie writes on her website.

The dresses have a very short shelf life... usually 5 – 10 minutes. It is not really about the fashion anyway. It is about creating a bond with her daughter. The joy is the dressmaking and in the time spent coming up with the idea and how to make it work. This duo is proof that the most important things in life are truly free.