By Jennifer Borget on April 1, 2016

I’ve always been fascinated by plants. They’re beautiful and alive like we are, but so different from us.

I love colorful flowers the smell of trees, and the way greenery can liven up a room. The only problem is, I’ve never had a green thumb, and I can’t ever seem to keep plants alive. Too little water, too much water, not enough sun. I can’t get it right.

Since moving into our home two years ago I’ve wanted to brighten up our flowerbeds with actual flowers. Normally I just put one of those $6 hanging plants outside and call it a day, but I decided to get adventurous this year and make it a special occasion and learning experience with my kids.

We went to a garden store and asked for recommendations. Both kids helped pick out some perennials and I made sure to pick some with a year-long guarantee because… Yea. 

Lil’ J also picked out some pink annual flowers she was drawn to. I thought we’d plant them in our hanging flower basket but we can’t find the basket that we put away last fall. Instead of buying another one we decided to upcycle and make our own flowerpot. 

I used an old Tampico jug to cut through, then Lil’ J painted it a beautiful rainbow design. When it was dry she added soil and the flowers on her own.

We talked about recycling, plants giving off oxygen and how it’s what we use to breathe. It was a fun lesson on a beautiful day, and a simple way to spend quality time during spring break. I think we recycle more of our jugs and make a garden of them this month to celebrate Earth Day.

What colorful ideas do you have for recycling?


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