OH my goodness, these orange creamsicle cookies came out so yummy!! It's Spring break here and my girls are off of school, so we decided to do a bit of baking (one of our favorite activities). I let my little one be "boss for the day" in honor of DreamWorks’ The Boss Baby and its partnership with one of our favorite beverages, Tampico! As far as choosing what we would create in the kitchen, and since the sun is starting to peek out, she thought fruit flavors would be fun to incorporate into a dessert ;). With just a few simple ingredients (including a favorite orange drink of ours) we came up with our favorite popsicle flavor in the form of a cookie! Special thanks goes out to Tampico Beverages, Inc. for sponsoring this post so we could share our goodies with you. Here's the recipe.

I know you had creamsicles as a child! Orange and vanilla flavors go well together, and they came out so great in these cookies too. It was fun baking together and teaching her how important it is to get every measurement just right. But.......when it comes to the glaze you can pour on as much as you'd like and they came out with a really yummy orange flavor thanks to Tampico. She'd never heard of or seen anyone use orange zest before so that was a learning experience, but they got a "mmmmmm, good" when they were done.

It's good to let your kids take charge every once and a while and be part of the creating process. Even if you have to help a bit with the measurements, the "dumping" in part gets them excited ;). Here's how you make these easy orange cookies.

Orange Creamsicle Cookies

If you have a cooling rack it is best to remove them from the baking sheet so they don't overcook and put some parchment paper down underneath to catch the excess glaze. Spoon the orange glaze over your warm cookies, top with a bit of orange zest and enjoy! They really do taste like a creamsicle. Try baking with your little one and let them be "boss for the day"!