by Katie Clark on April 1, 2016

Even though we just got buried in over a foot of snow, I think spring might finally be getting here.

We live in Colorado, where you can literally experience all four seasons in 24 hours. Shortly before the big snowstorm, the weather was in the 70s. And even though it's supposed to snow again tomorrow, spring is definitely around the corner...

(Okay, until it snows again in May...)

ANYWAYS. We are ready and excited for warmer weather around here. Jack keeps begging to go out and play in the sandbox, and I dream of days where we can walk around the lake instead of the track at the YMCA. We have lots of fun plans!

Jack is at a really fun age where he is so curious, and he loves looking for things outside. So we thought it would be fun to make him a little nature scavenger hunt. We laminated it with our laminator (best purchase ever) for multi-use and gave him a dry erase marker to mark off when he found something. He loved it! 

Even though just Jack was around for this, we put together a little scavenger hunt kit that would be perfect for preschool, play groups, or a birthday party. We bought a cute nature-themed sippy cup, some Annie's fruit snacks (with assorted animal shapes), and a magnifying glass we bought at Wal-Mart for .98 (you can get an assorted pack of 12 here). Jack also picked out some pineapple coconut Tampico to put in his cup. It was actually one of my favorite Tampico flavors.

It was so cute watching Jack search around for different items on that scavenger hunt!

We felt that we added items that could be found in different climates, and that children could pretty easily identify by looking at the picture. I think it turned out cute! You can download the color or black and white versions by clicking here or hover over the image below and select the print option.

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