Here's how you can get some too!

This young man makes me such a proud mom. He is so smart, talented, creative and ridiculously crafty. I think making crafts is his super power because he's just so good at it. He's great at cutting, gluing, sticking, coloring, chalking, painting and anything else you can do with your hands.

This is a pile of just some of the projects he's created and they each have a story. When he comes home with all of these projects he spends a few minutes telling me all the details.

Christmas Wreath

Mother's Day Painting

Eric Carle Project 

By the time he's done I know what the project is, its significance, all the details on how he made it and the tools he needed to create the project, and any stories told around the project.

I'm not the craftiest mom, but I encourage Joel and his sister Elle to tap into the artistic area of their brain through coloring. I shared with you all a few months ago that there are psychological benefits to coloring with your kids and I know this is what has attributed to Joel's crafty super powers.

Most children enjoy coloring more if you color with them so I always participate and chat with them about the activity at hand and what else is going on in the world. This is our opportunity to bond, talk and enjoy lots of laughs. While coloring on these Tampico Captain Underpants printable sheets, we discussed the new movie which came out on June 2nd. I asked Joel if Captain Underpants is a good super hero and he screamed "NO! He's goofy!" And we all laughed so hard at his unfiltered natural reaction.

When we're done our afternoon art session we enjoy a tall glass of Tampico Fruit Punch because they've earned it (and they've been asking for some all day!)

I encourage you to find the time to color with your little ones. Make it fun, exciting and full of laughs. Offer Tampico and a snack afterwards and everyone will be happy. If your children still aren't interested, grab your hypno-ring and hypnotize them into having fun!

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