Let’s face it: as a mom, you need all the help you can get,

and sometimes help comes in the form of affordable high-tech gadgets. We’ve scoured the net to find four of the best tools that make it easier to keep your appointments, organize your day, stay on budget--and most of all, keep your sanity in-tact:


  1. Find your lost keys:


Tired of losing your keys in the bottom of the diaper bag, back seat of the minivan or in the pile of mail on the kitchen counter? Never fear: this handy little wireless remote tag will help you find them in no time ($17.99). It comes with five different receivers, so Dad or Grandma can have one too. When you want to locate your lost keys, just push the main remote button. A steady beep will guide you to the lost item as you come within range and move in the right direction.


2. Charge your phone on the go:


Your phone is your lifeline, and what good is a lifeline if the battery dies on you while you’re out running errands, herding children or managing the rest of your busy life? For those situations it is always wise to keep an extra charger in the car, at home and at work, and for those times when you are on the go, use a portable phone charger like this one ($9.96). This phone charger is slim, so it’s easy to stash in a pocket or purse, and provides about 3 hours of battery life.


3. Stay on budget:


Yep, there’s an app for that, and it’s free! Mint.com created a user-friendly app that helps you track your expenses, set finanacial goals and stick to your financial plan. It’s available for iPhones, Android and Windows 8 smartphones.


4. Schedule your day:


Google does it again! This free Google app is available for download on all smart phones and will save your day. You can display multiple calendars at the same time (one for work, one for home, one for the kids) and you can share calendars (so you and your hubby can both be in the know if a play recital has changed). It will also send you email notifications, enable weather forecasts, and has a very handy task list. You’ll never miss a soccer game or PTA meeting again.