by Amy Latta on May 1, 2016

Mother’s Day will be here before we know it, so it’s time to start thinking of creative ways to show our appreciation to the amazing women in our lives! It’s a great opportunity to celebrate our mothers, sisters, grandmothers, aunts, and friends who have had a huge impact on who we are. Here’s a quick and easy gift idea that allows you to tell the recipient just how special she is in your own words.

Mother’s Day Decorative Plate

You’ll Need:
- a plain white plate, any shape and size {mine cost 88 cents at Walmart}
- Painted by Me permanent ceramic markers

Step 1: Use a permanent ceramic marker to write “Mom” in the center of the plate.
Of course, you can substitute this for any other name or nickname you like. I did mine in a hand lettered brush script, which is easier than you think! Just write the word in a normal script, then go back and thicken each down stroke.

Step 2: Around the edges of the plate, write adjectives that describe why the recipient is so special!
Here are some suggestions: fun, smart, thoughtful, generous, loving, kind, caring, wise, awesome, giving, funny, strong, brave, pretty, creative, and helpful. If there are children involved in this gift, let them brainstorm the words, then color code them based on which child’s idea they were. This makes a sweet keepsake for years to come! Another option would be to write a favorite quote or saying around the rim instead.

Step 3: Separate the words with tiny hearts.
You could also draw stars, dots, the infinity symbol, or another little symbol that’s meaningful to you.

Step 4: Bake the plate to cure the paint.
To do this, place the paint in a cool oven and bake for 40 minutes at 350 degrees Farenheit. Allow the plate to cool down in the oven afterward to prevent cracking from an extreme temperature change. Once the paint has cured, it can be washed and used! These paint pens are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Step 5: Fill the plate with goodies and deliver it!
Load it up with Mom’s favorite treat and don’t forget to bring some Tampico too.

What do you think? Who in your life would love to receive this colorful and personal gift? For more quick and easy DIY ideas, as well as lots of hand lettering tips, stop by One Artsy Mama! Happy crafting!

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