After a fun-filled summer break it was time to send the kids back to school.

New backpacks, lunchboxes, and utensils were marked with names. Hands were held and mom’s protective gaze followed the kids as they made their way into school to meet new teachers, make new friends, and face new challenges. 

Going back home alone to a quiet house, no one calling out “Mom!” every five seconds, or asking for a snack, might take a few days to get used to. Moms also need time to go back to a routine and to deal with the mixed feelings of seeing the kids grow up, needing time for herself, and missing the kids like crazy. 

We spoke to five moms and asked them what their feelings were as their children started or returned to school and this is what they had to say:

“The back to school season is always full of mixed feelings. On one hand, I miss having my kids with me all day and the silent house makes me think about how quickly they are growing up. On the other hand, having 7 hours to work with less interruptions is great!”

Denisse Icaza, AhorrosParaMamá.com 

“There's a time in the middle of July when I get anxious about the back to school day, and it's not about books or early mornings, it's about the need of having my kids go back to a normal routine that brings back peace and normality to my schedule. I love the back to school day. I always get excited to be with them on the first day, I’m ready to see the achievements and challenges the new school year will bring us.”

Eliana Tardio,

"With my littlest starting school, I must say it is very bittersweet. While I am excited for her new beginnings, I will miss having her by my side throughout the day. Knowing she is growing happy and healthy keeps me content and ready to embrace the new school year. I am confident we will both have a smooth transition from mommy and me time to school days."

Ruby Wright,

“I get very emotional but not until that first day, I've learned to expect the feelings, I actually love it, I love seeing them through the changes of life, it's exciting!”

Dariela Cruz,

“I want to party like a rockstar! I’m free, I can focus, and I can regain a sense of accomplishment even for a short 3 hours.”

Danielly Lara,   

“As family falls into routine, the house is once again filled with noise, laughter and homework, Mom’s feelings will settle down as well.” Claudya Martinez aka Unknown Mami sums it up best:

Although we all have different stories, families, and lives, we are all mothers and share an unspoken bond of similar worries and wishes for our children. We may be happy to have some free time, but we all know that watching our children grow is one of the most exciting gifts we have as mothers. Here’s to an amazing and colorful 2014 - 2015 school year!