Part of the fun of summer vacation is finding activities that are fun to do not just for your kids, but with your kids!

My five year old Little Crafter was counting down to the end of the school year because he couldn’t wait for us to be able to spend more time together. But sometimes it can be a tricky balance finding things we both enjoy. {I mean, pretending to be a Ninja Turtle is only so interesting for this mama…} Here’s an idea, though, that I think will be fun for moms and kiddos alike; making colorful clay jewelry!

No matter whether you’re young or just young at heart, there’s something about rolling and sculpting clay that has a universal appeal. Whether you want to make matching jewelry or each create something that’s totally your own style, the sky’s the limit! All you really need for a “Mommy and Me” clay jewelry session is:

- Sculpey Polyform Clay
- an oven and baking sheet
- parchment paper or foil {not wax paper!}
- clay tools {optional}

There are tons of fun tools you can buy, but you can also use household items like toothpicks for poking holes and making textures. Molds can help you to create shaped cabochons and beads if that’s your style, or you can shape everything by hand.

All you have to do to make your own unique jewelry is use the clay to create whatever piece{s} you want, then place them on a foil-covered baking sheet. Bake them according to the package instructions on the particular clay you’re using. When you’re finished, you can add jump rings, chains, cords, ear wires, or other embellishments.

Here are a few ideas from some jewelry making sessions we’ve had here in the Artsy House.

TEXTURED PENDANT: For this one, my son rolled a ball of dark blue clay, then pressed a Sculpey Technique Design Block on top to flatten it and impress a fun textured pattern. We poked a hole in the top, then baked it and added a jump ring and black cord.

CLAY “LIPS” NECKLACE: Teens and tweens will love this one, in light of the recent lip craze. For this, I actually used air-dry clay, so it doesn’t even need to be baked. Just shape it, let it dry, then paint!

STACKED DISCS NECKLACE: This statement necklace is actually really easy to create, and little helpers will enjoy assisting with cutting out the discs.

SAND DOLLAR NECKLACE: To create a unique sand dollar pendant, simply roll a small ball of white clay, flatten it, and use a toothpick or clay tool to create lines and holes. Use the tip of your finger to create a slightly rounded effect, then bake and add to a chain!

These are just a few ideas to get your creativity rolling…anything goes! Sculpting with clay is such fun, and when you’re finished, you and your child{ren} will have wearable keepsakes of the special time you spent together making them! The best part is that it’s appropriate for kids of all ages. Whether they’re just rolling colored balls to make their own beads, using molds, or creating sophisticated shapes and designs, they’re able to express their own creativity and individuality...and so are you. These also make great gifts for classmates, teachers, grandparents, and any other special friends. For more ideas and full step by step tutorials for these creations, stop by One Artsy Mama.