When it comes to preschool learning activities, the key to success is keeping things fun and interesting for them. I learned this when I was teaching preschool in the classroom and my own kids have reminded me of it too!

Making learning fun activities are easy to plan. I recommend you keep it simple and focus on the fun!

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Make Learning Fun: Preschool Activities

When it comes to making learning fun, preschoolers love getting hands on!

They learn well by touching things and making things. So when it comes to making learning fun activities, I always like to start with things like crafts and other projects that encourage kids to get their hands into it!

Letter of the Week Crafts

Letter of the week crafts are one of our favorite ways to make preschool learning fun. Weston loved making them and now Carrigan loves making them. Weston actually wanted to know why he doesn't get to make more in Kindergarten. It's tough once you know all of your alphabet letters!

Carrigan loves cutting and gluing paper right now. So it can get a little messy when we make our crafts, but they're definitely make learning fun preschool activities in her opinion!


Sensory Bins

Another one our favorite things to do to practice different learning concepts is to make a sensory bin or get out the water table. Toddlers and preschoolers can learn so much while they're playing. Plus, you know they're having fun!

I love the open ended creativity that can be drawn out of my kids when they play in sensory bins. They're easy to make match your learning concepts too. If you're learning about animals, it's fun to read a book together and then let them play in a bin of sand or rice full of animals from the book.

Some of our favorite things to do with animal sensory bins include:

  • Naming the animals
  • Sorting them by a characteristic (color, stripes, where animals live, etc.)
  • Add in measuring cups so they can scoop and create homes for the animals.

We usually read a book and then I try to find some items to go in a bin that correlate with the topic we're talking about! You can do the same by adding toys, measuring cups, and other items to your water table for a different kind of learning fun.

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Block Play

When it comes to making learning fun activities, one of the easiest things to do is break out a set of our toy blocks and let them play. The fun factor is built right in!

If you wonder what your child might learn from playing with blocks, here are just a few things:

  • Problem solving - ever watched them try and figure out what the next block needs to be in a tower they're building? What about when they start rebuilding after their tower falls? Those are problem solving skills being developed!
  • Math skills - as preschoolers use blocks they are also exploring basic math concepts like length and measurement. You might also catch them sorting blocks and counting them! Then you've got the idea of adding and subtracting blocks as they create. There's a lot more than just building going on!
  • Literacy skills - you might not have thought about it, but as our preschoolers play with blocks they also talk a lot about them. They develop their vocabulary as they describe the blocks, their shapes, and even the things they create with them!
  • Motor skills - this may be one of the most obvious benefits. Kids improve their fine motor skills when they build and create with blocks.


One of my favorite things to do is spend time with Carrigan after she's done playing (and learning) with a snack. I love chatting with her about what she was up to. That girl has a lot to say and it seems like she learns something new every single day!

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