Passionate. Outgoing. Fun. Inspirational.

Those are some of the adjectives that come to mind when describing Lorraine C. Ladish, a talented woman who has successfully reinvented herself time and time again. With an infectious laughter and a sparkle in her eye, Lorraine will talk to you for hours about her children, her blended family, growing up bilingual and bicultural, and her successes and failures with equal passion.

As she speaks, it is hard not to follow the musical movement of her hands and the rings that adorn them. It is like being hypnotized by a Flamenco dancer. Lorraine grew up in Spain in a household where only English was spoken. “I grew up in a family of writers,” she says, “so I thought everyone spent their free time writing. It’s perhaps my favorite way of expression.” A form of expression that has led her to publish 17 books and lead online platforms.

In 2006, while still writing books and doing print journalism, Lorraine found herself blogging.

“I didn’t know who would read it or why, it was just another way to express myself. Then came the 2008 recession. The newspapers I wrote for folded and my freelance gigs disappeared. I then titled the blog “Success Diaries.” I wrote short entries that I thought might help others also going through unemployment and hardship. Those were hard times for many. The blog was about identifying everyday small successes, like maybe just getting out of bed when you’d rather stay there. That blog became my 17th published book a few years later. Going digital completely turned around my career. I embraced it, learned very quickly and went from not knowing what SEO meant to commanding almost all aspects of an online platform, which is what I do now. If you don’t keep up with the times, you’re out.”

Lorraine is known for her love of life and strength. As she created a place for herself in the digital space, she was facing a divorce and financial hardship. She says she lost it all. However, she built herself back up and decided to share the lessons she has learned throughout her life in hopes they will help others.

On sharing her personal issues, Lorraine says, “I wasn’t always that way. The first time I went public with a personal issue was with my book I Feel Fat about my struggle with an eating disorder. I was 30. The positive response the book got made me realize that sharing personal hardships in a way that isn’t whiny or riddled with self-pity can actually help others. There are a lot of things I’ve gone through that I haven’t written about, but the ones I have seem to have resonated with many. We all fight different personal battles, but when someone tells us they have overcome theirs, it makes it easier to believe that we can too. I’ve always tried to learn from challenges and mistakes. I’m still learning.”

At 50, Lorraine says that all she knows is that life is uncertain. Her wish is to set her kids, 10 and 12, on the right path to the life they want for themselves. As far as doing it all and achieving balance, she says, “I don’t believe in balance. Not if you’re fueled by a dream, a passion, a desire to make a difference. When I’m writing a book or meeting deadlines you can be sure my house is a huge mess and the laundry is not done.”

Currently you can find Lorraine fueling her new project, a bilingual online magazine where she combines two of her passions: writing and celebrating life.