Happy August! It is just me or is this year flying by? This month our family has a lot of fun things going, including a few vacations. :) Before we head out of town again, I wanted to share with you guys my latest post from the #ItsAColorfulLife Series with Tampico. If you haven't been following along with me for these posts, each month starting in May I have featured various Tampico Juice flavors with an activity to go with them. In addition to this, I have also been creating colorful scrapbook pages to commemorate each one.

For this month's post, I am featuring the flavor, Mango Punch. This flavor combines oranges, tangerines, and mangoes into one explosive combination of tangy and sweet goodness. At only 30 calories per serving, Tampico is the perfect way to add color to your day! 

We decided to express ourselves, by doing something we have never done before, making a wreath. This wreath is inspired by this month's flavor, so it is a little fruity. :)

To get started you will need the following:

  • Wire Wreath Frame (24 in.)
  • Yellow Tulle 12" x 35 ft.
  • Orange Glitter Tulle 6" x 10" yd.
  • Floral Wire or Chenille Pipe Cleaners (cut into 3 in. pieces)
  • Faux Oranges (various sizes)
  • Cake Pop Sticks (4 in.)
  • Hot Glue


  1. Start by taking out your yellow tulle, and folding it the tool in half a little larger than the size of your hand.

  2. Attached the fold to the outside circle of the wreath with your wire.

  3. Create another fold, the same size as before.

  4. Attach that fold to the inside circle of the wreath.
  5. Create another fold, and attached it to the outside again.

  6. Keep doing this until you have made your way around the entire wreath.

  7. Next, you will start to spread out the tulle to see what spots need to be filled in.

  8. Take out your orange tulle, create three folds, and cut it.

  9. Then tie it together with the wire. Keep doing this until you run out of orange tulle.

  10. Attach the pieces to spots where there is empty space. 

  11. Take your oranges and poke holes in each of them with a cake pop stick. Make sure to add a little hot glue to keep it secure.

  12. Finally, you will fill in the wreath with your "Orange Pops" and attach them with the wire.

  13. Hang on your front door and enjoy!

A few notes about creating this wreath. The tulle is very easy to manipulate, so work it until you get the desired look. I used floral wire because I already had it handy, but it would have been easier to attach the tulle with the Chenille Pipe Cleaners. If you prefer your wreath to have zero empty space in the middle, use a size 18 in. wreath wire. Have fun with this, and feel free to add more color or fruit to it as you wish! In this case, less isn't more! 

After I finish using this wreath for Summer, I plan to remove the oranges and add some white tulle to it giving it a candy corn appearance just in time for Halloween. I love being able to repurpose things. Thank you for following along with me, and don't forget to check back for next month's post. It's going to be a good one! In case you haven't been following along click the links below to check out my previous months' posts.