If you have been following my blog you know last month I started a summer series called #ItsAColorfulLife featuring Tampico Beverages. Each month I will be doing a fun activity with my family which you can recreate with yours. During our activity, I will also be sharing two of their delicious juice flavors. Color never tasted so good! At only 30 calories per serving, Tampico is the perfect way to add color to your day. Last month we took a family Maycation at my brother's pool with Tampico's Citrus Punch and Blue Raspberry. You can read last month's post here. This month we are exploring the outdoors with Island Punch and Kiwi Strawberry Punch.

Our family loves spending time outside. Since we live in downtown Houston, we can adventure to lots of nearby places. We even have a bike trail a few blocks from our house! So, to enjoy the great outdoors, this month McKenna and I decided to go on a bike ride in our neighborhood. Since we don't have a bike seat for Rylan yet, my husband Randy, stayed home with her.

Like I have mentioned before, in Houston, it gets very hot during the summer. To stay hydrated on our ride we brought a water bottle to share filled with the Island Punch flavor. After taking the first sip of Island Punch I immediately wanted to head somewhere tropical like the beach! With flavors of pineapple, banana, and orange, it is one of my favorite Tampico juice flavors.

Our neighborhood is called East Downtown, or better known as EADO. A lot of the area is being revitalized right now, and there are a lot of new shops and restaurants, and even a few breweries. So, we decided to ride to that part of the area. We first stopped in front of 8th Wonder Brewery. They have huge statues of The Beatles and a massive "I Love Houston" sign. Across the street from the brewery, there is also a dog park, so we let Romy play for a few minutes before heading to our next destination.

Then we rode over to one of our favorite EADO Restaurants, Chapman & Kirby. They have some of the best chicken tenders and their mac-n-cheese is to die for! Too bad we didn't have time to stay and eat!

After taking a break to hydrate we rode a few blocks and stopped to admire downtown Houston. It is incredible how tall some of the buildings are! We sure do feel lucky to live in such a great city!

After we finished viewing the city we decided to head back home. Luckily, we only had about six blocks to ride! (While bicycling we wore our helmets for safety, however we removed them for photos.)

By the time we got home, we were exhausted and needed more to drink. So, we decided to switch over to Tampico's Kiwi Strawberry Punch. McKenna loves this flavor. It is a mixture of kiwi, strawberry, and guava, and it really was very refreshing!

Since we are creating a scrapbook to document each #ItsAColorfulLife post, the next day we got to work on our scrapbook pages. Thanks for following along! What does your family like to do to explore the outdoors?