by Jennifer Borget on August 1, 2016

Kids are naturally interested in learning. It’s us adults who manage to squander that. In my quest to find ways to keep a strong love of learning in my children, a lot of times we step away from the table, and even out of the house.


Some friends introduced us to a park nearby with a dam and I’ve been in love with it ever since. During the week it’s deserted and feels like our own private beach. I love exploring the area and learning outdoors.


We practice addition with rocks, daddy taught them how to skip rocks, and talk about how tadpoles turn to frogs. We packed some Tampico as a sweet refreshing tweet between playing.


I’m constantly reminding myself that learning isn’t all done in books. It’s done through observing and discovering the world around us, meeting new people and asking lots of questions. It’s done in the heat of the summer, and dead of the winter, playing in fall leaves and picking spring flowers.


Learning can be done anywhere, and with kids the great outdoors can be the perfect classroom.


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