How to Set Up Snack Bar

Family fun night is never complete until some yummy snacks hit the table. My kids love the snacks, even more, when they get to be bosses in the kitchen and help make them for themselves. That is why I love setting up a kids snack mix bar for movie nights and parties. Everyone can be the boss of their mix and choose what they want to snack on. It is a blast choosing your custom mix. 

The kids and I hit the grocery store and got all sorts of snack options for our Kids Snack Mix Bar. Some great snack mix ideas are

  • popcorn
  • pretzels
  • raisins
  • chocolate candies
  • apple chips
  • dried fruit & nuts
  • and more

I put each option out in a bowl across the table. The bowl of popcorn was the biggest because I thought this would be the largest part of the kid's' snack mix. I also put some of the less healthy options in a smaller bowl, like the chocolate candies. The different sized containers help to guide the kids to make better choices when they make their mix. When I set out the bowls, I also set out paper lunch bags, so the kids have something to put their custom mixes into.

Of course, it wouldn't be a family fun night without something delicious and tasty to drink when our snacks make us thirsty! That is why I picked up some Tampico Mango Punch! Tampico is so refreshing and a perfect addition to our Kids Snack Mix Bar! Tampico is partnering with DreamWorks The Boss Baby for the upcoming movie; so keep your eyes out for the themed multi-pack or gallon products at your store!

Speaking of DreamWorks The Boss Baby, these kids are getting the hang of being the boss of their snack mix! It is so much fun to give kids options in the kitchen and see what kind of choices they make. Their personalities shine through in their mixes. Not only are you giving your children the freedom to make their choices but you are creating a ton of great memories by letting make their snack mix for a family fun night! Hey, I think they might even be ready to be the bosses of dinner one night.

I had a blast watching the kids work together to come up with different snack combinations to go with their Tampico Mango Punch. The kids had so much fun making and eating their creations, and we all made memories and enjoyed our family fun night together!