Soccer fever has hit us all! Around the world, families come together to enjoy this beloved sport.

Whether you call it fútbol or soccer, have played it for years or don’t know the rules, every mom can contribute to their little player’s love of the sport.

Become the ultimate soccer mami by teaching your teammates these 5 simple soccer skills!

1. Fancy Footwork  

Being quick and agile on your feet is fundamental to being a soccer player. Before touching the soccer ball, have fun playing common footwork games with your little players. Hopscotch, jumping rope, red light/green light and skipping are all simple games that help promote footwork. The best part? You’re probably already doing it!

2. Butterfly Throw-In

Learning to properly throw in a soccer ball, which is done after it goes out of bounds, is definitely a skill any soccer mom can teach. Hold the ball with your hands in the shape of a butterfly – thumb to thumb – then step and throw, making sure to keep your back foot on the ground at all times. Practice bringing the ball all the way behind your head to get the most distance out of your throw in.

3. Collection Counts

At the basis of any sport is maintaining possession of the ball. That’s how games are won! In soccer, this is done by collecting the ball and commanding control. Novice players are often eager to kick, kick, kick, as soon as the ball approaches. But smart soccer moms will remind their little ones that collecting the ball counts just as much as kicking!

4. Proper passing

Young players have a hard time learning how to properly pass a soccer ball. Because the inside of your foot offers the most surface area, it will also provide the most control when making passes. The use of their instep might feel unnatural at first, but practice will make progress. And remember soccer moms, anything is better than using their toe!

5. Teamwork

The best kind of soccer mom is the kind that understands and supports the value sports has on their children. Soccer can teach children how to work with others, provide opportunities for exercise and, ultimately, bring families together. While your children will need coaches that understand the sport, our role is so important to our player’s enjoyment. Be the ultimate soccer mom by supporting your child, staying positive when they make mistakes and encouraging community.

The love of soccer is a beautiful gift to give our children. It’s a sport rich in heritage and culture, and becoming more popular every year. But it also teaches our little ones many valuable lessons on self esteem, commitment and togetherness. No matter if you played all your life, or have never kicked a ball, every mom can be the ultimate soccer mom just by supporting their players.