Being a mother is one of the toughest jobs in the world, as well as one of the most rewarding.

One of the easiest ways to be a wonderful mom, is to first be a wonderful role model. That means living your life with color! The best way to support your children in fulfilling their own unique potential is by rising to the challenge of fulfilling our own.

Meet some inspirational moms that decided to pursue their dreams while raising children, and in doing so, have positively impacted their families and their community:

Heather Randazzo

Heather is an art therapist that used her passion for art to create Suncrest Studios, an art studio in her own home where children and moms can come for inspiration to create and grow.

“There are a lot of great moms who inspire me just by being themselves and doing their best,” Heather told Chicago Mom Source. “They make it seem possible for me to do the same. There are moms who are great organizers and hosts, others who are great cooks and bakers and sewers—what’s great is that we all started somewhere trying to do something meaningful and good for ourselves and our children. We can learn from each other and share with each other, and in the end, we are all better off for it”.

Sioin Queenie Liao.

Sioin is a freelance photographer that finds inspiration for her art in her three boys. She is a great admirer of Anne Geddes and Adele Enersen, two very successful photographers and moms. So, she decided to illustrate her favorite fairy tales using her sleeping baby boy as a model.

Sioin writes in her blog: “I am very grateful to have the opportunity to share with the readers not only the pictures I have taken, but more importantly, the inexpressible love, joy and pride as a mother while creating this special album for my son Wengenn.”

Michele Yulo

Michele is a writer and owner of PFZ Inc. (Princess Free Zone), a company inspired by her feisty seven-year-old who from the age of three, has had an unwavering desire to be just like her dad. Michele set out to create a clothing line for girls that refuse to wear dresses, hate the color pink and want to build things. She even created a distinctly different super hero: “Super Tool Lula.”

As Michele states on her website, “Girls need to know that they can do anything they want—that might include hammering a nail into a wall or fixing a broken faucet. But just saying the words doesn’t make it so.” She believes a girl can wear a tiara if she wants, but she should feel free to take it off as well.