While it may sometimes seem like Max runs the show around here, we all know that isn’t really true. We give him control over some things in life (Because choose your battles and how else will he learn to make good choices?), but generally speaking, Jamie and I are the ones laying down the law of the land in the Porter house. Recently, Max and I sat down over a glass of Tampico and his shared with me what rules he would make, if he were allowed to make ALL the rules for the house.

I’m pretty impressed with his approach to being in charge; overall, his rule changes aren’t too crazy, and I think even he would get tired of some of them over time. (I mean really, how long can the run around screaming thing actually last?)

He is not only an adorable boss, but a nice one as well. I’m a little surprised he didn’t have Jamie and I doing ALL the cleaning, and I don’t blame him for not wanting to scoop the cat box. I certainly handed that task off as soon as I had the opportunity! LOL 

  1. I’m not paying for video games
  2. Picking what I want for dinner.
  3. No grunting (strict)
  4. More drawing time
  5. I can run around screaming
  6. Bedtime 11:00
  7. Wake up at 8:00
  8. Snuggles
  9. Not cleaning the litter box
  10. Play video games whenever I want! 

I think my favorite rule is the “no grunting” and that he specifically marked it “strict” This was actually a rule he announced when he was teeny tiny, maybe three years old. He strode purposefully up to Jamie and told him “No. Grunting. Daddy.” and it’s stuck around ever since. 

When discussing what would happen if we broke any of his rules, Max said he’d have to get really angry and we’d get the angry boss face. (Shown below)

So intimidating, right?