Birthday parties for kids can get out of hand.

But when you have multiple kids celebrating in the same time span, the cost, the confusion and the work to give them the party of their dreams can really be overwhelming. With three daughter's that all turn a year older within weeks and months of each other, I decided to throw a triple birthday party and save my sanity and my pocketbook.


I have been known to blow a car payment on one birthday party for my girls. As a single mom, I just can not do that anymore. So I found some awesome ways to cut corners so that I could still pay my bills after all of the guests had left. The first cost cutting process was in the food. The temptation is to throw money at the pizza man, the cake maker and the canned sodas to have the convenience on a busy day. But, with this party, I ordered sandwich trays for way less than delivery pizza, had the cake made in all three themes on one cake and provided gallons of Tampico Juices for guests to pick and choose from. The Tampico Mango Punch and the Island Punch were the perfect refreshment over ice at the hot pool party!


Because my guest list got a little larger than I anticipated, I made my own cupcakes to compliment the cake. They took me little time and bright colored icing and sprinkles added to the festivity of the party!


Another huge savings for me was the location. I have been known to plop down hundreds for a location away from home so I did not have to prep or clean up for the party. But this year, since the girls all love to swim, I simply asked if I could use the community pool! Surprisingly, as long as I cleaned up and made sure the pool area was back to the way it was before, my homeowners did not charge a fee! With cover for the adults and huge pool for everyone, it saved me the deposit that I usually pay every year!


The last money saving tip is to plan ahead and start saving little toys that you get on clearance for goodie bags. My kids do not need everything that comes into this house. So when we get something, if I can get it and hide it before they realize it, I can have a stash of awesome toys to hand out as goodie bags! I did not pay a cent for my bags this year and, though they all did not match, everyone was happy!


Throwing one party for all of your kids at once can be an awesome experience for the kids while saving you the typical birthday money overpay!