Every summer the kids and I visit relatives, go to theme parks, try something new and make the most of the free time

without a set schedule! But then school starts and we forget all of the wonderful memories we created. This year I wanted to capture the summer time fun but in a unique way. I wanted to make a Summer Memory Book that the kids actually make! 

So I headed to the store, got some decorations the girls could put on the outside and instructed them to create some art that reminded them of their summer fun! I set the table up with paper, crayons, stickers, some glue and fun items to glue to the front and some snacks. The girls all love Tampico Juices so I poured some glasses and off we went!

Pretzels, Tampico and three kids imaginations produced a super cute book of memories from their perspective! 

I found the book in the scrapbooking section of my local retailer. They also had cute wooden cut outs of the sun, animals and more. Since one of our most memorable trips was to Sea World and the Wildlife Preserve, I had to get the giraffe and a beach ball too.

Adding to the fun were glittery stickers that the kids used to spell out the albums name, Summer Fun! And then it was coloring time! My little one grabbed the beach stickers and quickly created a super cute picture that will remind us of the summer fun we have had all summer long!

My oldest recreated the trip to the hotel with the aquatic kids room and my middle one just colored the pool! It is her number one place during the summer. No matter what! 

The best part of this experience is that we get to relive the summer fun with each other. I get to see the activities through the kids eyes and they get to talk about more things they would like to do. In addition, we can add as the last month of summer winds down!

We still have a trip planned and more family time before school starts! I can't wait to see what else they add!

How do you plan on remembering your summer with your kids? Do you have any fun ideas to preserve the memories?