Living just thirty minutes from the Jersey shore has been one of the best parts of living in New Jersey. There's nothing better than a day at the beach. I know the struggle that as parents we face all summer long. How to battle those awful two words: "I'm bored!". Or how to keep the kids off of their devices and get them outdoors! The summertime is the perfect time to create wonderful memories in the great outdoors and the beach is just the place to do that!

With some planning the whole family will be having fun at the beach in no time. 

Need tips on how to have the best beach day? Look no further! To read the full blog post on "How To Have The Best Beach Day" and for more articles from Reesa, visit her blog by clicking here.



This summer Tampico challenged my family with a Summer Scrapbook Challenge, documenting my family's colorful summer moments together as a family! Last month, I shared how my family enjoyed an impromptu picnic with Tampico, check it out!

Join us and follow along to do your own Summer Scrapbook Challenge with Tampico and keep track of all of the colorful moments your family experiences this summer!