Movie night is one of our favorite nights. It's an opportunity for all of us to come together and enjoy an on-screen adventure—such as DreamWorks’ new movie The Boss Baby which is in theaters now! When we can’t go out to the movies, we enjoy watching our favorite flicks at home, too.

There’s nothing my kids like better than to cuddle up, drink some delicious Tampico juice and spend some quality time together. The days are busy and the weeks fly by, taking some time to say "hey, it's important to me that we all come together" is great for the entire family, and especially crucial for kids to hear. Check out these ways you can make movie night special in your house, and print out the invitation and coupons for everyone! 

Make Movie Night Memorable

Choose a Movie Together. Let it be a collaborative project. Discuss a couple of titles and why they might be interesting to see, and give your kids the opportunity to come to a conclusion together. Take a vote if necessary, or schedule the 'losing' movie for the next movie night. 

Read the Book. If the movie of your choice has a book that goes with it, read parts of it if it's lengthy, or look for a children's version. 

Choose a Fun Drink! We love to try new foods and drinks at movie night! Typically, we look for something fun and special. My kids' recent choice was Tampico punch, and boy were they in heaven!

Make Some Awesome Popcorn. Ditch the plain butter and salt and set up a popcorn bar! Or try a new recipe with each movie night! We love this caramel apple popcorn, it makes its way into Movie Night rotation in the Fall. Though let's be honest...plain butter and salt is GOOD.

Set Up a Comfy Viewing Area. A household favorite for us is a fort or a big comfy viewing area on the ground created with pillows and blankets. I have this thing about my kids leaving pillows on the floor that they knock off the couch every other day of the week, so when I actually encourage it on movie night, it's kind of a big deal.


Cuddle! Take this opportunity to put the electronics away, put your pjs on, and snuggle up with one another. It's good for the soul :)


Grab Your Printable Movie Night Invitations and Coupons!


To make movie night even more fun, print these off and hand them out to everyone in the family! I like to stick them in the kids' lunch boxes or give the invitation to them before they leave for school. It's a fun little surprise to look forward to at the end of the week.


It also serves as a dramatic play invitation for my little ones. My 6 year old likes to create a setup and pretend that they have a concession stand at home. They take turns using their invitation as a ticket to get into the movie, and then use their coupons to pick out their snacks and drinks. The drink coupon was REALLY valuable when used in exchange for their Tampico :) 


Have so much fun hosting a family movie night!

Do you have any other ways that you enjoy making your movie night fun? We'd love to hear about them and give it a try ourselves!