Did you know that Girl Scout Leader's Day is April 22nd?

As a past Girl Scout Troop Leader, I can tell you that you have no idea how much time, effort, and money is put in by your local Girl Scout Troop Leaders. On our own time, we have to attend training, we have to attend monthly Girl Scout Leader meetings, and we have to set up what we are going to do in our meetings. During cookie season, we have to organize cookie orders, pick up thousands of cookies, and set up cookie booths. We may also do silly things like dress up as a cookie to get a few more cookie sales:

We are also making phone calls to have a guest speaker or getting supplies at Michael's or Hobby Lobby before a troop meeting. We pick up the badges that the girls earn too. That is just a small glimpse into what your local Girl Scout Troop leader is doing and why you should definitely extend a thank you! Here are a few things you can do to help celebrate your local Girl Scout Leaders:

1. Pick up a gift card to your local crafting supply store. Yes, your troop leader collects dues to cover expenses. I can tell you that we still spend money out of our own pockets for activities for the troop.

2. Offer to bring snacks and drinks to the next girl scout meeting. Your troop leader is most likely providing these (and possibly out of her own pocket). Plus, buy a few extras for her to use at the next meeting or just enjoy herself. (Tampico's new iced tea is a great choice! Everyone in my house loves it!)

3. Offer your time. I know our troop loved having speakers come in. The kids loved when my chiropractor came in and taught them about their bones and their back health.

4. If you know you troop leader well, pick her up something you know she loves. Even a gift card to a local restaurant is appreciated for our time.

5. Have your daughter make her something. You can never go wrong with a handmade gift.

What have you done for your local Girl Scout troup leader in the past? As you can see, not everything you do has to cost you a lot of money to be appreciated. Have any of these ideas helped you for this year?