by Jennifer Boget on July 1, 2016

Just before school ended I had my daughter help me write a list of all of the things we’d like to do this summer.

Go swimming, visiting the children’s museum and doing more arts and crafts were among the things we had at the top of our list.

Since I decided to get a head start on homeschooling this summer it’s motivated me to try to come up with some creative learning techniques. We’ve been working a lot of reading, and handwriting but Lil’ J gets so bored just writing with pen and paper (who wouldn’t?). So every now and then we try adding in shaving cream on the table (her brother was not amused). Ice as pens on the sidewalk, and chalk.


I’d actually just been planning to make this a mini science experiment and color lesson by making chalkboard paint with cornstarch, baking soda, water and food coloring, but when we got outside she started writing a story on the ground.


Big T had more fun playing with the spray chalk paint than the actual chalk, and managed to get it all over everything. Luckily it’s washable.


I got in on the action too and in the end we all enjoyed a snack and some iced Tampico.

Of course I had to photo-document the occasion.


We’ve still got a ways to go on our summer bucket list, but sometimes just hanging out at home is all it takes to have a good time.

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